XXIII Annual ESPA Congress
A way of Life
Domburg (The Netherlands), 23-25 May 2018

European Spas Association
In Europe there are more than 1,200 spas and health resorts, which are medically respected health centers, and form a powerful economic unit generating significant proportions of the gross domestic product of European Union member countries.

The EU and those countries wishing to join are seeking to work together on matters of common interest. This requires a greater co-operation of the national and regional associations as well as the private sector in the field of spas and balneology.

The European Spa Association's objective is to promote spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, landscape and climate will be available to as great number of citizens and visitors as possible.

The European Spas Association is an umbrella organization representing 20 European countries.

Invitation to the XXIII Congress of the European Spas Association
A Way of Life




The European Spas Association (ESPA) and the municipality of Veere (The Netherlands) are honoured to invite you to the
XXIII annual ESPA Congress taking place in Domburg.

The purpose of the congress is to stimulate thought and discussion about innovation for the medical spas and health resorts in Europe. The key topics on the agenda of the Congress will be:
Water and Health: a way of life in a changing world - Business and future market value

European Spas Association






History and culture
Domburg is the oldest seaside resort of Zeeland. Even in the Roman times there were bathing equipments. These therapies have emerged during archaeological excavation. Traditionally, Domburg was already known as a "spa". Dr. Mezger, founder of modern physiotherapy, opened a practice in Domburg in 1868 and introduced the new treatment methods. There is a special "dr. Mezger walk" set out along places, who recall of the time when the" beau monde" came to Domburg to cure. In 1984 Domburg existed 150 years as a bathing resort.


A natural and healthy environment
Seawater, sea air, climate and soil products all play a role in the health region status Domburg has. The seawater at Domburg has been investigated by the renowned international SGS Institute Fresenius. In summary the nature of Domburg - near the sea with his pure air and beneficial water - offers opportunities for balneo (water) therapies and thalasso applications aimed at prevention and recovery.


Products of local soil
A number of local products (Zeeuws), such as lambs ear, sea crust and the local oyster, have been investigated by C & C Laboratories for their beneficial effect. These products contains protective and healing ingredients.


Beach and nature areas
As health region the nature around Domburg is also very important. In addition to the Blue Flag, Domburg received the prelude of "Dutch cleanest beach" in 2013. The natural areas of the Manteling and Oranjezon have a protected status and are part of Natura 2000. Contact with nature has a healing effect and makes strong.


Activities, facilities and amenities
Domburg has a wide range of wellness and therapy options. Sand, sun and cold seawater are central element in relaxation massages and detox cures. In addition to outdoor and beach programs, there are arrangements in hotels and in a yoga center.


Getting there

By the Transfer service provided by the Congress organisation

(see Terms and Conditions of the Transfers service on the Registration Form)


From Middleburg Train Station to Domburg
Tuesday, May 22nd at 12h00 and 16h00 


From Domburg to Middleburg Train Station
Saturday, May 26th at 9h00 and 11h00
(Transfers at any times other than those below will not be paid by the organisation and are at your discretion)


By Taxi
a taxi between Middelburg and Domburg costs about 40 euro.


By Bus
check the schedule on https://www.connexxion.nl/zoek

European Spas Association
19h00 Get Together dinner (BBQ at the beach or at farm Yogabee)


Thursday 24th May - City Hall
9h30 Opening Session and Flag Parade
11h30 Section 1: New methods in health tourism
Lectures about
• Health benefits of living and recreating in a coastal area: Health and business opportunities using natural assets
• Which products are booming and why - result is important!
• Integral Medicine and they practice in health tourism
14h00 Section 2: Health and Innovation
• New solutions in the spa architecture and design
• Canvas Business Model - interactive lecture
• The TOP 5 ESPA Innovation Award winners and best practices
16h00 Medical Research Round Table
20h00 A Royal Night Out with ESPA: Gala Dinner with ESPA Innovation Awards ceremony at Badpaviljoen


Friday 25th May - Veere
09h30 ESPA General Assembly
11h00 Section 3: Business and future market value
• Trends in nowadays wellbeing guests by Puurenkuur leading Touroperator in Holland
• The health benefits of a plant-based whole foods diet
• Social Media in practice
12h30 Closing Session of the ESPA Congress
15h00 Excursion to the Delta Works
20h00 Dinner at Seafarm Seafood



Discover 150 years of healthy practices in Domburg and get inspired by our dutch and international experts on health tourism and medical spas.
Stay with us on 23-25. May 2018!


European Spas Association
European Spas Association
Welcome to Domburg!


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European Spas Association

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